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“Let’s be friends”

I never understood that sentence.  Sure, on the outside it seems like a nice and easy way to break someone’s heart, but have you ever sat down to think about the effects? I’ve been reading quite a few posts on … Continue reading

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many rants of coffeegurlo

here’s a list of many things that peeves me (in no particular order)… you come to work to work. not yack on the goddamn phone all day. i say this only to those that speak as if they are in … Continue reading

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If your indoors and you are not wearing a jacket and its not cold inside then don’t look like a yuppie and wear a scarf around your neck especially if your in a t-shirt. I just don’t get this trend … Continue reading

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French Bakeries: Where are they?

Last week I went to La Baguette at the Stanfurd Shopping Center and ate for the first time there. Bought some brioches for me & Yan Yan while we shopped. Man those are some damn tasty treats. There were some … Continue reading

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Two jokes for the night

1. What do you get when you cross Lassie with a canteloupe? A. Mellon Collie 2. A naked guy wrapped up in nothing but Saran-wrap goes into a psychiatrists’ office. The psychiatrist says “Clearly I can see you’re nuts”.

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It’s days like this that I relate to Tony & Z

There’s an election coming up November 7, and I was reading over the California ballot initiatives today during the lull at work. California has a unique system where — supposedly — California voters can get a law on the ballot … Continue reading

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Pic of the day*

It’s Chisato Morishita. Apparently Idol-A-Gogo is still active, though getting pictures from them is a biznitch (so I’ve been told). *P-Dog is in no way responsible for posting this picture, nor the does he have knowledge of the origins, whereabouts, … Continue reading

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How to solve the illegal immigration problem

[facetious] Alright folks, everyone knows that there’s this growing problem of illegal immigrants streaming across the border and settling down in the US (or in Canada’s case, American dissidents tired of Bush and running across the border). We here in … Continue reading

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  My friend sent me this link when I got back from my coffee break.

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Dream #2

I was looking around my house for a pen. But then I happened to stumble upon a white cat sitting under my couch. It had blue eyes and looked like it had very soft fur.  I moved closer and noticed it had a tag around its neck. I moved slowly towards the cat and tried to catch the words … Continue reading

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